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Lori Schreiber (Re-elect)

Clerk of Courts

Lori Schreiber was elected as Montgomery County Clerk of Courts in November 2019. She is one of two openly LGBTQ people, and the first lesbian elected to a countywide, non-judicial position in Pennsylvania. Lori won her first election in 2005, as an Abington Township Commissioner, defeating a 24-year incumbent. This election made her the first openly LGBTQ+ person to win an election in Montgomery County.

Over the last three years, Lori has had the opportunity to achieve some key accomplishments in the Clerk of Courts office. The office culture has significantly improved through an approach that emphasizes teamwork and camaraderie. By implementing staff cross training and shifting tasks to newly added positions, the
office has improved customer service. In addition, by increasing celebrations,
adding an internal office newsletter, and encouraging such activities as holiday
decorating contests, there has been increased solidarity among staff members
which has been invaluable.

Efficiency is vital to a filing office. In the past, there were not clearly written office
practices and job descriptions on file. The newly created procedural flow charts
and job descriptions codified into a procedural manual will reduce mistakes and
increase productivity.

Just as important has been collaboration with external stakeholders, so the office
has increased visibility in community events throughout the county. Lori has
stressed the importance of second chances both in hiring practices and by
participating in re-entry events for formerly incarcerated individuals. The office is
currently working on sponsoring an upcoming activity for April which is Second
Chances Month. This tabling event will provide community information to re-
entrants and also to family members of currently incarcerated individuals.
When considering re-election, it is important to identify future goals. One of Lori’s
goals is to continue increasing connections with those served by the office. The
upcoming Second Chances Event is one part of this larger outreach plan. The
office also intends to increase restitution collection efforts to further help
compensate victims of crime. And, a third goal is to continue to modernize the
office processes in a cost effective manner so that tax payer’s money continues to
be well spent.




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